Victoria Beckham Teams Up with Target


It seems like Victoria Beckham knows her way around a fashion collection just as much as she does around a stage.

The former Spice Girls member is set to launch a limited-edition collection for women and children in Target stores and on in the United States come April 9, 2017.

“I’ve made no secret of the fact that I wanted to put a collection out there for people who can’t afford designer prices or just don’t want to pay designer prices,” said the pop star in an exclusive interview with Business of Fashion.

With prices ranging from $6 to $70, the joint effort appeals to women, toddlers, and even babies. The collection, while available exclusively through Target, will have selected items available for sale through

Target’s chief merchandising officer highlights how Victoria “represents so many facets of what we look for when choosing a design partner.” The English businesswoman is keen to tap into the mass market available to her in America, and to bring the sense of empowerment she strives to embody into her clothing to the country.

“I always say that I want to empower women and make women look like the best versions of themselves. That shouldn’t be only people who can afford to spend a certain amount of money.”

We look forward to seeing what Beckham has to offer in her latest collection on April 7th.

Original article from Business of Fashion:

Picture: Twitter



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