Spotlight: Sustainable Practices in the Industry and Why They’re Important

With rising pressures on our environment and the ever growing sustainable industry market, it is no surprise that numerous companies, (both big and small), are moving towards conscious practices (whether it be veganism, being eco-friendly, using recycled fabric, being cruelty free, etc.).

Why are sustainable practices and the movement so important?

Personally, I think this movement is great because it makes bigger brands think about their products and how they develop them. Many people now look for “cruelty-free” or “vegan” when making a purchase, and there is a positive connotation associated with these terms. On the flip side, brands that are a bit slower to adopting these practices are seen with a negative connotation (of course, not by everyone). This surge in brands who are changing, or the increasing amount of specialized businesses who target this conscious market, motivate other less sustainable brands to do the same (yay)! The great thing is that not only does this movement benefit our natural environment, it benefits us consumers as well. By switching towards “greener” ingredients and less alarming chemicals, we are no longer questioning what we put onto our skin.

On the fashion side, more companies are using recycled fabric, and more clothing brands are promoting fashion preservation (ie. H&M). In addition, there are many small organizations who are devoted to recycling fabric. In fact, EcoEquitable, a textile recycling charity, held a recycled fabric fashion show this week as they recycled around 7,000 pounds of fabric last year (original article).

Keeping above in mind, some of my favourite, more ethical brands are: Too-Faced (cruelty free makeup with a number of vegan options), the H&M Conscious Collection, Kat Von D Makeup (currently working towards all vegan products), Milani (certified cruelty free by the Leaping Bunny), W3LL PEOPLE (an entirely green brand), the ASOS Eco Edit, Matt & Nat, ETHICA ( – a one stop shop), and many more.

No one is saying that you need to make a shift to using cruelty-free products or recycled clothing right away. Rather, maybe keep these factors in mind the next time you are looking for a certain piece of clothing, or maybe do some research on a makeup brand beforehand to see how it aligns with sustainability (and to see what possible chemicals are included). These are all small steps we can take towards bettering our future and our environment, and if you’re a firm believer in global warming and climate change like I am, (global warming is real everyone), you know every little step counts. +1 for sustainable practices!

If you are looking to recycle any of your clothes from any brand, H&M accepts all brands in any condition in all stores across the globe, or you can donate it to a charity or a thrift store.



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