Last Minute Halloween Costumes for the Lazy Trick-or-Treater

This year you vowed to yourself you wouldn’t go as a cat again, didn’t you? And once again you left your Halloween costume to the last minute and those cat ears have never looked so tempting.

Individual Costumes

Every year, Youtuber CloeCouture releases a last-minute DIY Halloween costume compilation filled with silly puns, Snapchat filters, and your favourite childhood characters. These costumes are so easy to make that all you will need is already in your closet.

Couples Costumes

If you’re looking for creative but simple costumes for you and your friend or significant other, The Sorry Girls have the video for you. Based in Toronto, The Sorry Girls never fail to produce unique, culturally relevant, and easy to reproduce DIYs.

For the Hair & Makeup Aficionados

For your source of all things cool, Refinery29 has come up with an epic gallery of creative DIYs. All you need is your makeup, a little bit of imagination, and the patience to deal with the troubles that come with styling hair.

If anything, Instagram serves as a great place for makeup inspiration, and this year so many artists are stepping their game up for Halloween. Just browse through #halloweenmakeup and find a look you love.

And if you’re really lazy…

Like me, you can always go to your local Claire’s or Icing and get a festive headband, wear all black, and call yourself something vague (I’m thinking “Girl who really likes Halloween”).

Happy Trick-or-Treating (let’s be real, I mean partying)!


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