Director Intro: Choreography

Name: Eddie Peprah

A Description of Department: As the head choreographer for this years’ show, my job is to build a strong team of talented choreographers who will lead and choreograph each scene of the show. In addition, my job is to also assist the choreographers with anything they may need. how long…. Overall this would be my 4th year on the show. I can’t believe I’m saying that time truly flies :-((

Things You’ve Learned: With choreography being the majority of my experience in CAISA, I have gained so much knowledge and experience choreographing for large productions. Over the years, CAISA has definitely challenged me creatively, physically and socially. I’m so glad I overcame those challenges because it has made me a stronger and more prepared choreographer.

Highlights: Performing in the show. Seeing my hard work come to life on stage. Meeting new friends every year! Contributing the proceeds to a good cause and making a difference in people’s lives !

Why You Joined: In my first year I was actually approached by the head choreographer to help choreograph her scene. Not only was I honoured by the opportunity, but I grew a strong relationship with the models during the process. From that moment on I was completely hooked and knew then and there CAISA was going to be a part of my university career.

Favorite designer: Polo by Ralph Lauren Yves Saint Laurent Yeezy by Kanye West

Favorite Season: Summer!! I hate layering lol Favorite

Favorite Colour: White & Black (yea I know both aren’t colours)

Favorite Song: Everything by MALAA!!! Favorite Movie: Harry Potter series Favorite TV shows: Prison Break & Scandal

Favorite Movie: Harry Potter series Favorite TV shows: Prison Break & Scandal

Favorite TV shows: Prison Break & Scandal


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