Fashion Flashback: 6 Rachel Green Outfits We Love

Notorious for her amazing fashion sense, lovers of the popular TV show Friends will know what I mean when I say: I love Rachel Green. Friends has had a pretty special place in my heart for a while, and will continue to live on as one of my favourite TV shows, just as Rachel’s (and 90s) fashion will continue to live on in current trends.

Despite the fact that there are many choices, here are six of our favourite looks that are just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic:

The One With The Classic Slip Dress


Ok but seriously, this trend has come back in full force and I am loving it. Almost as much as Joey loves food. Almost.

The One With The Cute-As-Heck Business Dress


Gotta look good when you work for Ralph Lauren! Or even when you’re listening to Pheobe sing Smelly Cat.

The One With The Overalls (even in pant form)


Does anyone remember the year that these suddenly reappeared in every clothing shop? Were they really on a break? Questions that will never be answered.

The One With The Iconic Black Dress 


Truly a timeless outfit that can be dressed up or down so beautifully. Also loving the black heels, although you may not be able to pivot in them.

The One With The Plaid


Three great things with this outfit: high knee socks, plaid, and a high waisted skirt. Not to mention the fact that Monica’s outfit in the back is also pretty bomb. This is not a cows opinion, or a moo point according to Joey.

The One With The Maxi Skirt


I love this outfit so much because it is so classic, elegant, and works for many occasions: casual, work, or even for a date (maybe with fajitas)!

I could go on and on about how much I love Rachel’s style and probably could have titled this “100 Rachel Green Outfits We Love.” It’s pretty cool to see how so many of the fashion pieces worn back then have now come back into our wardrobes (ie. chokers, plaid, overalls), and I’m pretty excited to see what will be revived in the future.


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  1. I used to have a maxi skirt like Rachel’s, but in black. I still regret donating it to a charity shop.

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