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After months and months of campaigning, debating, and rallying, the big day is finally here: election day in the United States of America. There’s no doubt that the past 20 months have led up to an extremely tense and soon-to-be historic day. But one thing that’s remained constant far beyond the beginning of this political rollercoaster is the plethora of pantsuits that the Democratic Party nominee, Hillary Clinton, has managed to showcase over the years. We thought we’d diffuse the tension with a look at 5 of her most iconic outfits:


Visit of Simone Veil – October 24, 1994


All eyes were on the First Lady when Bill Clinton secured the White House in the 1992 presidential election. One of Hillary’s most memorable looks early on in the term was the royal blue pantsuit and gold buttons/broach she adorned for Simone Veil’s visit to the White House in October of 1994. The outfit marked the pantsuit as a staple of Hillary’s for the rest of her career.


Visit to Tunisia – March 27, 1999


The President’s partner is known to visit countries and strengthen foreign ties during their time in the White House, making sure to respect the traditions and rules of their destination. Here, Hillary can be seen during her three-day trip to Tunisia in March of 1999 donning an all-black pantsuit with black shades and a hat.


Departure from the White House – January 1, 2001


Former First Lady and now Senator Hillary Clinton made a quick trip to Washington, DC in January 0f 2001 to say goodbye to fellow staff and volunteers. In a bright teal pantsuit, Hillary chatted with the Deputy Chief of Staff and former advisor in the White House.


Democratic National Convention – August 26, 2008


The 2016 presidential nominee took the stage of the 2008 Democratic National Convention on the second night of the event. Wearing a brightly-colored orange pantsuit, Hillary took the stage to vocalize her endorsement for Barack Obama as the party’s presidential nominee.


Third Presidential Debate – October 19, 2016


Hillary ended off the series of 2016 presidential debates on October 19th with a classic white pantsuit from Ralph Lauren in Las Vegas, Nevada.


No matter tonight’s results, the pantsuit will be sure to make its way into some of the history books. Tune in tonight for the 58th United States presidential election.

Images: Getty Images


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