4 Rad Debut Designers to Watch from Fashion Month

By Veronica Tang

Fashion Month is the best time of year to draw inspiration from the runways of New York, Milan, London and Paris. Not only did we get an idea of what will be in style the next season, we also saw what some new, young, up-and-coming fashion masterminds are brewing. There are a lot of names to get pumped up about from Fashion Month 2016 – including a British label mixing streetwear and uniform culture, and an indie boutique crafting bold pieces worthy of Rihanna. Here are four debut designers that caught our eye.



What do you get when the former knitwear designer for Alexander Wang starts her own line? Stunning, contemporary and intricate knits. Amanda Phelan is the mastermind behind these out-of-this-world sweaters, which she paired with sneakers, to give off a laid-back vibe.

This Is The Uniform

debut this is the uniform.png

Jenna Young, a talented British designer, debuted her line in New York this season, after making an appearance last season as part of Fashion East in London. It’s no surprise that this line was showcased at Milk Studios, a hub for upcoming labels in New York. Young drew inspiration from urban streetwear and British uniform culture, a very interesting and unlikely mix.


debut area.png

Think Rihanna – a bold icon who knows no “rules” when it comes to fashion. Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszczyk launched the line in 2013 with its signature embossed tees. Since then, Area’s aesthetic has become recognizable, with its vintage flared pants, feminine over-the-knee boots and an abundance of ruffles.


debut koche.png

Is it possible to mix casual with haute couture? Christelle Kocher proves that it is with this line, featuring pieces like hoodies, jackets and tees ornamented with jewels and sequins. Kocher aims for a cool city vibe, which she made apparent on the runway by casting her friends and people from the street as models.


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