How to Decorate Your Room on a Budget

Have you ever wanted to redecorate your room, but don’t feel like spending hundreds of dollars at Bed Bath and Beyond to do so? I know the feeling. Every time I scroll through the Home Decor section of Pinterest, I am just reminded of my student budget. However, just because I can’t afford to spend $200 on a gallery wall, or don’t want to spend $50 on a Urban Outfitters wire grid, doesn’t mean I can’t make one myself. In fact, here are some tips that I have used to decorate my room on a friendly budget, and hopefully you can use them too!


Many of the things that I display in my room have been gathered over the years: photos, cute tags, jar containers, phone cases that I’m not currently using, gifts, posters, etc. If there is something that you own that you want to display, whether it be art, notebooks, pictures, or books, display them! You could make your own photo wall, utilize a floating bookshelf, use clipboards to display art (that you can easily attach to the wall), or even make your own “inspiration nook” of all these curated things who represent who you are or what you love.

2. Dollar Store – The Holy Grail

Want to make a plain table into a marble table? Go to (or check) the dollar store. Want to organize your shelves a bit better? Go to the dollar store. Want to make your bulletin board a bit more unique by painting it? Trust me when I say, go to the dollar store. You’ll be surprised by the amount of things the dollar store carries that can be easily upcycled or used. I actually bought white marble contact paper that I used to cover some of my tables for only around 3-4 dollars! I also bought a $3 bulletin board and painted it black and white.

3. DIY’s

Similar to using the dollar store, there are numerous DIY’s that you can do to make your room feel like it belongs on Pinterest, (or Tumblr…or Instagram…or a Magazine). If you are looking for a cheaper alternative or just want to embark on a personal project, Pinterest has numerous ideas. Or, if you want a more in-depth explanation, youtube is also a great resource! For example, I wanted to create a gallery wall last year in residence, but did not want to spend $$$ on art prints and frames. However, I printed my own art prints, (free resources found on Pinterest), at Staples for the total cost of $3-5 and bought cheap frames from Ikea for about $5 each or less. The total cost of the entire project amounted to the cost of around two art prints at chapters.

4. Washi Tape (I’m Obsessed)

If you want a wall mural (especially a geometric one), washi tape is for you. It is essentially a “paper tape” that can be easily taken off surfaces without leaving a mark and can be used for various functions. I use washi tape on my walls for wall art, but others can use it as a way to mark things that you own, to put up pictures and add some colour, or to use as labels. Some washi tape walls are shown below.

5. Ikea Hacks

There are numerous Ikea products that can be used for many things. For example, I use a 2×2 Kallax as my bedside table as well as to hold excess storage. The Kallax retails for $60 versus some of the nightstands that are more expensive, half the size, and hardly have room for storage. There is also a website ( that you can visit for any other Ikea furniture hacks.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful and can save some money on your next room decoration venture!

Photos that are not mine are courtesy of Pinterest. 



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