How to Gain Followers on Instagram

Gaining followers on Instagram might, at first, seem like a daunting goal. It’s something that everyone on the social medium – from companies to photographers to celebrities – wants to achieve. Fear no more, because here are some simple tips to get more exposure on your account and bump up that follower-to-following ratio:

1. Quality > Quantity

You can use all the hashtags you like, but you’re much more likely to keep your followers by putting up quality content. People aren’t interested in seeing hundreds of pictures of food or other random things week after week; edit your feed to feature your best posts and to present yourself as someone that cares about the posts they’re uploading.

2. Any questions?

Perhaps the best way to increase engagement on your posts is to pose a question in your caption. Introducing an element of interaction in your account builds a more personable and relatable relationship between you and your followers.

3. Studies show that…

As random as some of these statistics may seem, it’s been proven that:

Photos with faces get 35% more likes than those that don’t.

Photos that are blue get 25% more likes than orange or red photos.

Lighter photos get 25% more likes than darker ones.

4. Storytime!

Captions with a motivating or personal story are highly likely to resonate or build an emotional connection with other Instagram users. These posts have a high potential of being shared to spread your message, which leads to exponential engagement and growth.

5. Bring it all together

Make sure to link/include your Instagram account in your other social media/digital platforms. If you don’t, people will a) believe you don’t have an account or b) believe you don’t use your account.

6. Leave no event behind

Whenever you go to an event – be it a local festival or an artist’s world tour – tag the people involved for a chance at your post being reposed and exposed to an entirely new audience.

7. What do you suggest?

Take a look at Instagram’s “Suggested Users”under “Find and invite friends” in Settings. These are users that may have a lot of mutual followers, use the same hashtags, or post similar content. More things in common = more likely to follow back!

8. Go comment-crazy 

Coming up with unique and personalized comments for other people’s posts is one of the most natural ways of increasing engagement. It means a lot more to someone if you like AND comment on their picture instead of just liking.

9. High traffic is your best friend

The best time of day to post on Instagram can vary based on where you live and definitely on which day you’re posting. Different studies have different results, so run a few trials and see what works best for you.

10. Consistency is key

People are much less likely to follow an account that posts once every few weeks or months. Uploading content on a regular basis demonstrates that you’re invested in building a feed and maintaining communication with your followers. Worried about crossing the fine line between consistent and spammy? Check out to schedule your Instagram posts and keep track of how often you’re posting.


Think I missed anything? Leave a comment below! (See tip #2)



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