5 Reasons To Be Excited For Launch Party

1. The Hype is Real


Partying is awesome. Funding medical research for children is awesome. Discovering our theme for this year is awesome. There’s a lot to be excited about!

2. A Well-Deserved Break from Final Assignments

giphy (1).gif

Between the essays, the late mid-terms, and final assignments, school is exhausting this time of year. Everyone could benefit from taking a break from the books and going out for a night!

3. Any Opportunity to Dress Up is a Good Opportunity


It shouldn’t surprise you that CFS is excited about a chance to gussy up for a night out. Suffer for fashion with us while we wait in the club line wearing dresses and skirts.

4. Discover the Meaning Behind Our Cryptic Teaser Videos


Who is bleeding? Why do they have such good taste in sink countertops? Are nosebleeds the 2017 theme? These are the questions we have been asking all week.

5. Partying for Children’s Health Foundation


No need to feel guilty about partying when our funds our going towards funding medical research for children’s health. Going out is so much better when it’s going towards making the world a better place!


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