Fashion Flashback: The Most Memorable Outfits from Gilmore Girls

With the Netflix four-part continuation series of the popular TV show “Gilmore Girls” now released, we thought it would be a great time to highlight some of our most memorable outfits from this iconic show. Being a pretty huge Gilmore Girls fan myself, I love all the characters and am truly ecstatic about the Netflix revamp (bless them).

The Gilmore Girls themselves (Rory and Lorelai), have had some pretty interesting outfit choices themselves, and here are some of my favourite throwback pieces:

The mother-daughter pairing: 


They had to survive Friday night dinners somehow, right?

The mother-daughter pairing x2: 


I can probably count the number of times Lorelai and Emily have gotten along on one hand, so these matching outfits and smiles were pretty iconic.

Dance marathon or retro party: 


Look how cute Lorelai looks! If this isn’t bringing you nostalgia, then I don’t know what will, (remember Dean vs. Jess on this night)?

This iconic ensemble: 


While not the most “fashionable” outfit Lorelai has ever put together, you can’t deny that this piece was one to remember. It’s a good thing she never wore it to Chilton again.

The definition of timeless fashion -jean jackets, plaid, and baseball caps:


Sun dresses and denim jackets, plaid over jeans, still things worn today.

Everything from the Life and Death Brigade (sans gorilla masks):


Okay, but how badly did you want to be in this secret society.

The continuation: fashionable as always & the return of the pink coat:


Firstly, the girls still look amazing and exactly the same (with coffees in hand). Lorelai’s pink coat makes a return, and her love for colours clearly has not diminished. Rory on the other hand is as classic as ever, and is really pulling off that mid-length cut. Secondly, how much did you cry at the beginning of the first episode? This was me:


Did you enjoy the four part continuation of the series? Let us know in the comments below! 

*Photos courtesy of: Netflix, Vogue,, Buzzfeed


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