Top 10 Gifts For Men

1. Toques


I’m partial to this snug-fitting knit toque from Hugo Boss, but brands don’t really matter when it comes to these hats. Go for fit, style, fabric over a gaudy logo; your boy’s ears will thank you.


I feel like we all tend to have an aversion to buying basic winter gear for our loved ones because it seems so basic and dull. Guess what? WRONG. It’s cold af during the winter and the men in your life need their ears kept warm by wool. My only stipulation: avoid slouchy hipster toques unless you’re stuck in a time-warp.

2. Scarfs

Merino wool and cashmere scarfs are your best bet to keep your boyfriend’s neck warm and comfy this winter. This one is from COS and resembles the popular ACNE Canada scarfs at a portion of the price.

Remember what I said about basic winter gear only 100 words ago? Same applies to scarfs. I’m into versatile, monochromatic scarfs for men. Sure, they’re super-basic, but couldn’t your man benefit from owning a scarf that won’t clash with any of this winter clothes?

3. Entry-Level Cookbook

Google said this is apparently the best entry-level cookbook. Seems legit.

Tired of eating your boyfriend’s variations on macronis au fromage a la Sriracha, chicken tendies a la Sriracha, and Monsieur Noodle a la Sriracha? It is current year, teach that boy how to cook. An entry-level cookbook will allow him to make better food for himself and, in turn, for you. A gift for him and yourself! Yay consumerism!

4. A Video Game You Can Stomach Playing With Him

giphy (5).gif
Uncharted 4 is basically National Treasure: The Game. Set on easy mode, the game’s Hollywood-like spectacles, endearing characters, and blockbuster plot are palatable to even the most staunchly anti-gamers.

A lot of men and women like video games, a lot of them do not. As someone who is enthusiastic about games and knows other people who are as well, nothing would please the gamer in your life more than playing through a narrative-driven game with him. Canadian winters are cold and long and a lot of afternoons are gonna be spent inside; consider loading up a game rather than Netflix every once and a while. This said, don’t bother if you really hate playing/watching games; you and your boyfriend don’t have to share all of your interests.

5. Up His Skincare Game

Kiehl’s makes great skincare products for men that don’t seem as superfluous as those form other brands: masculine branding will prevent your man from being scared of using exfoliant

A lot of guys could benefit from caring a little bit more about their skin. A giftbox from a skincare brand will keep him covered on all bases and may even introduce him to products he’s never used before (e.g. moisturizer).

6. Turtleneck Sweater
Lowkey this wings + horns sweater is on my personal wish list

It should come as no surprise that CFS wants everyone to wear turtlenecks. Keep your boyfriend’s neck warm with the sweater that says “I’ve probably read a book at some point.”

7. Workout Gear

Lululemon is ignored by a lot of guys who would probably fall in love with how comfy it is to workout in

Everyone could always use more workout gear. Keep your boyfriend from freezing on his runs with some new workout gear for the winter seasons.

8. A New Scent

By The Fireplace smells amazing and is also unisex enough that you could probably steal from from your boyfriend. A gift for him and you! Yay Consumerism!

It’s time to get your boyfriend away from his bottle of 1 Million by Paco Rabanne that he picked up in high school. Get him a crowd-pleasing smell that will earn him compliments at all the holiday parties he’ll go to this season.

9. A New Watch

Daniel Wellington has become the ubiquitous fashion watch

I asked a couple of my friends what they’d most want from their girlfriends for Christmas and was surprised that one of the most frequent responses was for a MVMT, Daniel Wellington, or Skagan watch. If you’re looking to buy an expensive gift, maybe go for a watch.

10. Something Special


Do something unique for your boo. I cannot help you here, you must look within yourself and get a gift that is personal to you and your significant other. These are the hardest things to give, sometimes cannot be bought, and are mysterious in their form. Good luck!


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