Nailed It: Holiday Inspired

‘Tis the season to change up your nail designs! Whether this is for your next holiday party or just for fun, nails can really brighten up an oufit and put you in the festive spirit. These tips and ideas are great for if you want to DIY, or can also be used as references for your next trip into the nail salon. Time to start painting!

Glitter it Up


Nothing screams holiday glam more than glitter. Both sparkly solid base colours  and clear coats with small gems are good options, and a shimmery French manicure is a popular current trend. These nails will look amazing at parties or places with lots of lights.


Cute designs


Nail art is becoming more common, and adding fancy decorations to a base coat is a great way to show off your creative prowess. Start with a neutral color, such as white, red or blue, and use a toothpick or pin to carefully draw on your design. If you want more professional tools, you could use specially made nail art brushes that are available online or at Sephora. Some holiday ideas include: Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, Christmas trees, Santa, snowflakes, and candles. For sharp lines, lay down small strips of tape, and use the tip of a bobby pin for perfect tiny dots.


If you don’t have the time to paint on details, you could opt for stick-on designs or stencils.

Pick a good colour palette


Make sure your colours match! If you choose to go for different coloured nails, try to choose shades that complement each other to create a holiday-themed palette. Good colour combos include red & gold, red & white, blue & silver,  as well as the classic red & green. If you don’t like vibrant nails, white & gold/silver is also a classy way to go.

You can alternate colours every other nail, and also use more than two colours. A popular style is to keep all nails the same shade, and just switch up the ring fingernail.


Water Marbling


This technique is for those who want to really get fancy this holiday season. True to the name, it creates a marble effect that leaves your nails beautiful and swirled. Check out the video link below for a DIY tutorial.


Photos courtesy of Pinterest


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    Obsessed with these

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