Holiday Sweater Guide

Holiday Sweaters are a staple throughout November and December. Finding the perfect one for you can be difficult as there are numerous designs, themes, and personalities behind each one. To simplify your holiday sweater shopping we’ve broken down our favourite sweaters category by category.

  1. The Classic: A Fair Isle sweater is a solid holiday staple that will be timeless year after year.
  2. The Festive: We are talking Rudolph patterned, Christmas Tree covered, frosty the snowman featured sweater. This sweater may or may not involve bells, fairy lights or some sort of tinsel.
  3. The Extroverted: 100% involve bells, lights, tinsel, pop-ups etc. the full works. This is most likely for the person who is obsessed with the Holiday Season
  4. The Non- Christmas: While holiday sweaters are mostly Christmas based we’ve found other versions for those whose beliefs don’t include decking the halls, a man in a red suit and jingle bells.
  5. The Pop Culture Reference: I KNOW WHEN THE SLEIGH BELLS RING. ‘nough said.
  6. The Humourous: Sloth References… they really speak to the holiday spirit
  7. The Star-Wars Christmas Sweater: We googled Darth Vader… and the fourth thing that popped up is a Darth Vader Holiday Sweater
  8. Pet Related: Cat and Dog sweaters, we all know someone who has one of these… willing or unwilling.

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