Festive Decorations for the Avid Celebrator

Unsure how to decorate your room or house this holiday season? Then, this article is for you! There are multiple different ways to go about decorating your place: DIY’s, using household items you already have, printing out posters, or even just buying things from HomeSense or Dollarama. Here is a collective of some great decoration ideas we found online, so hopefully they can help you all out!

Anything with fairy lights:

Fairy lights work for any occasion, but they are perfect for the holiday season! Drape them across your walls, or hang them along with current wall decorations. Maybe you could create a tree-shape on your wall with them, or perhaps you can line them in a table or in mugs to create a cute centrepiece -the options are endless!

Grab some from Amazon.ca here

Ornaments, ornaments everywhere: 

Grab a pack from the dollar store, or buy some clear ones from Michaels, ornaments can be decorated however you feel! String them through some twine and they’re perfect to hang from your windows, or leave them in small clusters among ledges in your house. Feel free to get creative and decorate them yourselves with glitter, washi tape, or even just draw on them with a sharpie.

This cute message frame:


Free printables are my favourite -they are uber cute and classy and if you don’t want to waste ink, you can print them at great quality at Staples for cheap! Find a vintage frame from a thrift store, grab one from Ikea, or repurpose an old frame, anything would work to highlight the art in the middle. If you don’t like the idea of frames, grab some clipboards from the dollar store and hang them up with the art clipped on. There are many sources of free printables online -you just have to look. Try a search on Pinterest and see what comes up!

Link to free printable

DIY-it up with these popsicle stick snowflakes:

Popsicle sticks + scissors + paint + glue = these magnificent DIY snowflakes. For a very small cost, you can create these beautiful wall snowflakes -it’s something great to do with younger children in the family as well.

Read how-to here

Festive cushion covers:

Festive cushions are such an easy way to spruce up any home. Keep them on your couch or on your bed, they add a splash of colour and holiday cheer to anything! Grab some new cushions online, or find cushion covers for ones you already have, (maybe even make your own).

You can also find some great stuff at Dollarama to contribute to these decorations or to find individual ones! They have many things that are not very expensive -great for your dorm or for seasonal decorations.

Hopefully you found some inspiration from this article and can get started on your own holiday decorations. Happy Holidays!

*Cover photo courtesy of HGTV.com


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