The Best DIY Gifts for Friends and Family

With the holiday season now in full fledge, it’s the perfect time to think of what to give to your loved ones. Personally, I love adding a little personal touch to gifts that I give, so hopefully you can find that extra special gift in this list for those most important to you! Most of these are great for friends, family, or even teachers, and are great as an add-on, or even by themselves. Some of them make awesome stocking stuffers, and many of these can be tailored for multiple occasions, not just the Winter holidays.

That being said, here are some of my favourite DIY gifts:

Picture Tiles/Coasters


These DIY picture tiles/coasters are something I have done countless times. Everyone who I have gifted these to absolutely love them, and they are so cost effective and easy. You could gift them as actual coasters with pictures of you guys together, or of pictures of their loved ones, possibly their favourite Instagram pictures, or even with their favourite quotes! If you don’t want to make coasters, you can also make mini versions on smaller tiles with pictures of you and your friends and put them in a jar for a cute keepsake. Nonetheless, I love this DIY project. Home depot has tiles, and a couple only cost a few dollars when bought individually. Besides cut up pictures, (spray hairspray on them after printing so the ink doesn’t bleed), all you need is Modge Podge and some sponge brushes, which you can find at Michaels.

More info/How to:


Another gift that I have done countless times, these are great for teachers you really like! All you need are sharpies (oil based ones work the best), a mug (the cheaper, the better!) and some rubbing alcohol. Decorate them however you would like, then bake them so that the sharpie sets in the glaze, and then let them cool down and fill them with whatever you’d like! A great addition is hot chocolate, which you can (cutely) package like the picture above. I love this DIY because it really allows you to express whatever you would like on the mug, and you can personalize it so much depending on who you’re gifting it to.

Mugs how to:

Chocolate ornament how to:

Personal Name Definition Frames

Probably one of the easiest DIYs on this list, I made these frames for my teachers a couple of years ago. I bought picture frames from the dollar store and put in a printout of their names and what they define as to me! You can tailor this to anyone you know, and all my teachers loved this. Feel free to get creative and humorous in your definitions, the more meaningful, the better!

Personalized Shadow Boxes


If you love scrapbooking, or are looking to put a bunch of small things in one place for a gift, shadowboxes are a great way to go! You can personalize them however you want, and its a great space for you to put in small keepsakes such as ticket stubs, polaroids, fortune cookie messages, or anything that has meaning in your relationships with your loved ones.

More Info/How to:

DIY Journal Covers

Rather than me having made this before, this DIY was actually something I had received as part of a gift from a very close friend of mine (who knows my obsession with journals). This DIY is great for someone you know who loves to write, make notes, draw, or is just always in need of some extra paper. You can get plain kraft paper journals from stores like Michaels, and that is all you need -the rest is up to you and how you design it! Feel free to go a bit fancier and look at the link below:

Watercolour journal how to:

Hopefully these gifts provided some inspiration for the holidays. DIY’s are great because you can do whatever you want, however you feel, and the product is extra-special because you made it/altered it with your own hands. Happy Gifting!

*photos courtesy of Pinterest & Mug: Popsugar: Emily Co


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