Holiday Beauty Hacks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But the cold weather can take a toll. This holiday, avoid the winter woes of desert-dry skin and brittle hair. These winter beauty hacks are our early gift to you:


Fight seasonal frizz and fly-aways by spritzing a toothbrush with light-hold hairspray, and gently brushing down problem areas. For a really bad case of hat hair, poke the bristles of your hairbrush through a dryer sheet and brush the static away.


Use a lip scrub before bed, and apply your favourite lip balm overnight. You can pick up a sugary scrub from Lush or Clinique, or even make your very own; mixing brown sugar and olive oil. Gently massaging the skin on your lips with a toothbrush will also do the trick. To soothe wind-burnt lips, simply take the bag from your cup of green tea and rest it on your chapped lips for five minutes.


It takes more than moisturizer. During winter months, less is more: less showers, less heat, and less exfoliants. If you use an exfoliator, swap it for something more gentle to avoid irritating already-dry skin. Turn down the heat in your morning shower, or cut down your steamy shower schedule. You can also use body oil before showering, or moisturizer after, to trap hydration in.


It’s the season for red. To avoid wine stains on your teeth, alternate a glass of sparkling water in between sips. You can also snack as you go; fibrous foods like carrots and celery will naturally scrub away the stains. Last but not least, sip with a straw. You might feel like a kid with their juice box; but if it’s good enough for Margot Robbie in the Wolf of Wall Street, it’s good enough for us.


Lather your feet in lotion before bed, and slip into some socks. Overnight, the moisturizer will smooth your winter-dry skin and put a spring back in your step.


Cold weather can cause your scalp issues to flare up. Fight back with tea tree oil. Gently massage the oil into your roots.



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