Christmas Morning Breakfast Guide

Christmas morning should aways be special and reach peak levels of coziness. Food preparation should strike an ideal balance between being unique and fun while also being relatively easy to make. This is a short guide for those looking to create new traditions, or simply change up their old ones.

Step 1: The Drinks

Apple-Cider With Rum


This is a perfect Christmas drink for a two reasons. Firstly, with cloves and nutmeg, its got a sweet and warm flavour that perfectly matches the holiday. Secondly, its a recipe that’s equally as good without rum for those of us who’d prefer a virgin drink. There’s innumerable recipes for drink, but I’m partial to this one by Emeril. Too much work? You can’t go wrong with mimosas.

Step 2: The Hors d’oeuvre

Mini Orange and Cranberry Scones


Make something to hold off everyone’s appetites while presents are opened. Mini scones are the perfect size for some small bites before the main course, and cranberry flavours make them perfect for the season. I found a lot of orange and cranberry scone recipes, which you could always make and and just account for smaller portion sizes. That said, I was able to find a post from someone who’d adapted a Williams and Sonama recipe to fit smaller sizes.

Step 3: The main course

Chorizo and Halloumi Pancakes With Fried Eggs


With chorizo meat, halloumi cheese, and fried eggs, these pancakes make for a rich and hearty comfort on Christmas morning. Too complicated? My family always just makes pancakes with fried eggs on top and pairs them with peameal bacon, which is basically the simple version of this recipe.


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