Style Roundup: Pinterest’s 2017 Style Predictions

With a new year ahead of us, Pinterest has recently released their trend predictions for 2017 (can be found here). From fashion trends to places to travel, the compiled board has something for everyone. However, we looked over the list and compiled some of our favourite style trend predictions right here!

Denim Embellishments


Embellishments on all sorts of clothing and accessories were up by 800% in 2016. They add a great form of personalization and allow you to express yourself. Not to mention the fact that they are super quirky and colourful. Besides being adorable, many of them come as pins so you can change them or remove them whenever you like!

Find some here.

Neutral Tones


Neutral tones like greys, khakis, and nudes have been EVERYWHERE this Fall and Winter. Pinterest predicts that they’ll be on the rise throughout the year, and you’ll spot them on all sorts of clothing and accessories: coats, chokers, skirts, bags, and even shoes.

Political Statement T-Shirts


Bold clothing is on the rise and so is showing your political stance through your choice of shirt. From Trump’s face on t-shirts to “Nasty Woman” t-shirts, political movements have made their way into fashion statements. It’s all about being bold and expressing yourself, so why not through your clothing?

Earrings, but Stacked


Multiple earrings have been a rising trend throughout numerous years, but Pinterest expects 2017 to be the year of stacked earrings (not going to lie, they look pretty cool in the picture). These stacked earrings seem to come in a matching bundle, or can go together as numerous differently styled earrings. Go bold, go simple, mix and match, or have a similar chain of earrings – the choice is yours!

Silver and Ash Blonde Ombre


Getting an ombre or a balayage has been a hair trend for a while now -switching it up, however, is the silver/ash blonde trend currently circulating. Do your hair however you want, but if you’re looking for a new colour to change things up, this duo is here to stay for 2017.

Skincare Importance


As previously mentioned in our Korean Skincare post, the makeup industry has been expanding their lines to include a larger focus on taking care of one’s skin. In fact, the global skincare industry is expected to reach $121 billion in 2016. We will definitely be seeing a continuous rise in skin treatment products across the globe, and an even larger focus on natural products, (not to mention a continuous increase in popularity of Korean and Asian products).

Jojoba Oil is the new Coconut Oil (beauty wise)


Riding the train of an increased popularity of natural products, Jojoba Oil, a great natural product for hair, skin, and even makeup remover hasn’t experienced a mass explosion on the beauty market just yet, (in comparison to the popularity of coconut oil). However, Pinterest predicts that it will continue to rise in popularity as it has such great health benefits, and we greatly encourage you guys to check it out!

Athleisure > Everything


According to Pinterest, athleisure clothing was up 214% this year. Partnered with the major health trend across North America, athleisure is the new street style look to watch out for. Stock up on your sneakers and joggers everyone, because this urban trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for a while. If anything, it’s continuously evolving, but the underlying concept of the trend is still there.  

It’ll be quite interesting to see if these predictions will be fulfilled throughout the year, and we’re pretty excited to see what new trends will come up!

Will you follow any of these trends for the new year?

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