7 Fashion Apps For 2017

Photo from Global Trend News.

One of your New Years’ Resolutions heading into 2017 may be to step up your fashion game. With the rapid development in technology, it’s now easier than ever to perfect your looks and style at your fingertips. Here are 7 fashion apps to check out heading into the new year:

Keep Shopping

It’s more than likely that your OOTDs are going to be made up of pieces and accessories from different stores from around the world. With “Keep Shopping”, you’re able to purchase from any brand/store of your choice all in a single checkout. The app makes creating an outfit through online shopping quick and easy.

Like To Know It

Ever seen an outfit or piece on Instagram that you’ve fallen in love with? With “Like To Know It”, you now have the ability to easily put together a wish list of your Instagram favourites. Any post that you like with a shopping link will be detected by the app, and the link will be instantly sent to you for your convenience.


Shoe lovers, this app is for you. Stylect features over 50,000 shoe styles from designers like Christian Louboutin and a broad range of colours, styles, and styles. The ability to make purchases directly through the app completes the often difficult hunt for the perfect pair of shoes.

The Hunt

Sometimes those outfits you see on Instagram aren’t the easiest to find online. “The Hunt” brings together a community of people who can post content that they find online in the hopes that they connect with someone who knows where the product can be purchased. And if you can’t find the exact item you’re looking for, a user of the app is sure to be able to suggest a chic alternative.

FAD – The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary

With all the different designers and trends in the fashion industry, it can get a little difficult to keep up with the terminology every now and then. “FAD” provides extensive lists of everything from fashion terms to designer bios, ensuring that you walk into any store cool and confident.


Unfortunately, the weather and your location on a particular day can influence your outfit to a fairy far extent. “Pose” takes care of this consideration by seeing what others in your area and in your weather conditions are wearing. Filter your results by proposing a certain type of event – say, a dinner party – to end up with the perfect outfit that’s both practical and stylish.


There are just those days where nothing in your wardrobe is really speaking to you. With “Polyvore”, you can mix and match products to create collages that appeal to your colour, size, and brand preferences. The customizability integrated into the app ensures that you head out knowing what you want and where you want to buy it from.

Any other apps up your sleeve? Let us know in the comments!


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