Covet Fashion: The Hottest Mobile Fashion Game Right Now

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With over 500,000 daily users, there’s no doubt that Covet Fashion is one of the most popular mobile fashion games in the market today. Users are invited to outfit models with prompts like “How should the model dress for a birthday party?” to guide their brand, hairstyle, and makeup selections. Covet players then share their final looks and vote on the outfit of their choice.

Up until Tuesday, Covet users only had the option of glamourizing a thin, mannequin-esque model with a limited selection of five skin tones. So as the developers of the app began to realize that women were designing their daily outfits based on Covet fashion, it became clear that changes needed to be made to better represent women of all body types and skin tones.

Covet’s senior vice president, Blair Ethington is proud to report that the app now features 50 different models of various body types and seven different skin tones.

While the changes made to the Covet app have generally been regarded as improvements, some users have questioned their effectiveness. “Everyone will automatically gravitate to the skinniest model anyway to win” – a suggestion by a user that, while harsh, may be the reality. Which is why Covet developers have gone beyond working on representation to alter the game itself. Users are now presented with models and challenges that they have to work with and then vote on.

The situation is a win-win; the adjustments made actually paint a more realistic image of stylists who aren’t presented with the liberty to choose the body types, skin tones, and heights that they work with, and Covet developers are achieving their goal for “every woman who is playing the game to see the beauty that’s possible in everyone else and not to have one standard of what beauty or an ideal is.”

Covet’s recent decisions reflect a larger movement in the fashion industry to better represent people and to redefine beauty. One can hope that the app sets a precedent for future mobile fashion game creators to integrate diversity from the very beginning of development, in order to establish the growing importance that it carries in the fashion industry.



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