Topman Takes Fashion Week

London Fashion Week was off to an exciting start.

Showcasing this year’s winter collection for men, Topman Design transformed the runway into a rave scene. Against the dark and industrial backdrop of the show, fluorescent neon and colourful psychedelia made an explosive impact on-stage.

The new collection draws it inspiration from the grit and grunge of the British “pubbing-and-clubbing” scene. Long before its popularity in the ’90s, rave culture had emerged in Britain during the 1950s. It was a shock to the system; wild and anarchic. Rave scenes that couldn’t hide underground were often met with crackdowns from the police and politicians. But by the 1990s, rave culture had grown and exported. Today, the frenzy of music festivals is more popular than ever.

Topman Design is rewinding the trend to its golden age. From long PVC coats and psychedelic knitwear, to quilted nylon tracksuits and graphic sweats, this bold and brilliant collection will be hard to miss off the runway.

Topman’s loud and kitschy designs are sure to make their appearance on the most ardent festival-goers in 2017. Whether it’s in crowds at Coachella, or the lines at Lollapalooza, these graphic and neon styles will undoubtedly be on-trend.

Take a peek at the collection here:


Images credited to: London Fashion Week.



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