Best Pieces for a Basic Women’s Wardrobe

Have you ever opened your closet and told yourself that you had “nothing to wear,” when in fact you had ample clothes? So have I. In high school, I had this mentality that more is better, and because of that, I never really focused on the quality of the product, but rather if it was “trendy,” or not. This is where investing, (or even finding good cheap finds), in staple basics become handy. By having a few pieces that you love and can mix and match with anything allows for you to always find something you want to wear, while still looking put together, (or not put together, whatever you desire). These basic pieces are usually monochromatic and can last you a very long time. After buying so many clothes/accessories and not caring too much about their long-lasting qualities, I’ve learned that it’s better to invest the money, or continue looking, in order for it to last you a long time.

These basic pieces allow for you to add your own style to them and can be adapted for different patterns or materials, but you get the gist.

The Classic White T-Shirt

Easily paired with any colour bottoms, the classic white t-shirt is something that should fit your body well and be very flattering. The tightness, sheerness, and style of sleeve can be altered depending on your style, but it is great for layering under jackets, blazers, scarves, or even worn on its own. This piece also extends to the classic black t-shirt, and long-sleeved versions of the two.

The White Button Down

This piece is great for both the working world and just for the regular day. Tuck it into a pair of dress pants or a pencil skirt with some heels, or wear it loosely over a pair of skinny jeans and sneakers. We suggest having one that is not sheer to wear for work occasions, and if you want, a sheer or looser one for a day to day basis.

The Essential Pair of Black Jeans

Black jeans are great because they can be worn for a multitude of occasions. Pair them with heels for a dressed down work day, (and with that white button up shirt…or any shirt you like). Because they are black, they are flattering on most body types and can create a very nice all-black monochromatic look that makes you look completely put together (or just perfect for Instagram).

The Essential Pair of Blue Skinnies

On the more casual side, blue skinny jeans are great for everyday wear, year-round. Pair them with a pair of cute brown boots, a sweater, or really any top, and you have got yourself an outfit. Most of these basic items on this list pair well together, so just keep mixing and matching until you’ve found what is comfortable for you.

The Crewneck (or Graphic Sweater)

As the epitome of comfort, the crewneck sweater is incredibly versatile. If you have a graphic one, it works great with a pair of jeans or sweats for a comfy yet cute day out, or if you have a monochrome one it would look great layered with a pair of black jeans and heels for a more sophisticated night out.

The Black Tank

Perfect for layering under cardigans, blazers, jackets, and dresses, the black tank is a perfect basic piece for every girl’s closet. We don’t mean a ribbed one that you can get from Urban Planet, but something that is flattering and of nicer material so that you can wear it to formal occasions, or by itself on a hot day. We suggest having one super plain one rid of any frills, lace, or patterns (but feel free to grab some of those as well)!

The Perfect LBD

If you are ever going to a party and have no idea what to wear, the classic little black dress always works. If appropriate, pair it with tights and a blazer, (or cardigan, or coat), to wear to more work appropriate events, or wear it plain with a statement necklace or jewelry piece on a nice date. LBD’s are always flattering and work for most occasions, so be sure to invest, (the time or money), in one that you love.

The Leather Jacket and/or the Trench coat

A great jacket pulls your outfit together, and if you are really unsure of what to wear, your jacket can make you look like you put that outfit together effortlessly. The Moto-Jacket is great for transitioning from everyday wear to night wear, and can suit an effortless look, or an incredibly posh look, or a trendy street style look (it’s always up to you). On the other hand, a classic coat or trench coat is great if you’re feeling a bit fancier, or can also be paired with monochromatic sneakers for a more toned down outfit.

Bonus: Everyday Jewelry

Having a couple pieces of everyday jewelry is a great way to add some colour or personality to a basic outfit. This is a great way to show your style amidst your outfit, so accessorize with whatever you are comfortable with!

These are all great investment pieces as some of the pieces (like the jackets), you only need one to mix and match. They work great for layering over/under other clothes and for dressing up or dressing down. Be sure to look out for some of these pieces the next time you go shopping!

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