Giorgio Armani: FW 2017 Milan Men’s Fashion Week

By Veronica Tang


Giorgio Armani is no stranger to the cold winter days of Milan, and tailored his winter menswear collection with the focus of keeping warm. Armani’s infamous signature outerwear included military-style greatcoats, velvet jackets, oversized shearling coats, bombers, and last but certainly not least, gigantic padded jackets.

Interestingly, models wore gloves and “sleeve-scarves” during the show. For the average fashion amateur, a sleeve-scarf is a piece that combines jumper sleeves with a scarf wrapped around the neck.

For a collection designed by an 82-year-old designer of an over-40-year-old brand, Armani is certainly ageless. The show notes described the collection as “evolving codes to define an idea of elegance tuned-in to the present, but rich with heritage”.

armani 2.png
Giorgio Armani (centre) posing with models at the end of the show

Although Armani is undoubtedly a fashion giant, with revenues of 2.3 billion Euros in 2015, the brand experienced some economic trouble in 2016. Revenues were down 5%, and Giorgio described the situation as complicated.

Last July, Armani established a foundation in his name. It is meant to participate in philanthropic projects, as well as act as a trust after him. Armani said this new project would “safeguard the assets of the Armani Group and ensure that these are kept stable over time”.

This show was the first time that Armani featured other designers, including Yoshio Kubo’s mix of streetwear and bohemia, Moto Guo’s collection reminiscent of Japanese school uniforms, and Consistence, the most Armani-esque one.


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