Milan Men’s Fashion Week 2017 In a Nutshell

By Veronica Tang

Milan’s fashion industry prides itself on designers and brands that successfully balance boldness and practicality. Every year, viewers return from the runway shows full of ideas about trends and pieces that they will be sporting in a few months.


mfw mens 1.png

Did someone say fur? This Roman fashion house has redefined mens’ fashion, which has rarely featured fur pieces in the past. Silvia Venturini Fendi is the master of expensive furs, and this season, she created a line that brings back ‘90s sportswear, with flashy branding and colours. She also made an artistic choice to spray-paint the Fendi name onto the back of models’ heads.


mfw mens 2.png

Kean Etro never fails to find inspiration through his passions. For Fall 2017, he created a menswear line with pieces that could double as uniforms for – you’ll never guess – mountain climbing. What kind of pieces does that exactly entail? Picture velvet robe coats, tailored jackets, tech-y pants, and sneaker boots, in wild colours and patterns.


mfw mens 3.png

With the recent addition of their first creative director Davide Marello, this brand is taking over the world. The king of soft-shouldered jackets opened its first US store in New York City. Their newest line focuses on suiting, showing off their signature silhouettes in new fabrics and unique colours.


mfw mens 4.png

The two Canadian twins behind this brand have a major talent for embellishing staple pieces such as flannels, cardigans, anoraks and hiking boots. Look no further for fur, fringe or florals. And that’s not it. Their pieces also had some daring silhouettes – oversized sweaters, slim-cropped jeans and chunky boots. If that doesn’t say it all, just remember that Paris Hilton was at the show.

Moncler Gamme Bleu

mfw mens 5.png

Thom Browne is the go-to designer for all things sporty. In the past, he has drawn inspiration for his designs from car racing and fencing, and for Fall 2017, mountain climbing. Think warm layers, accessorized with carabiners and climbing rope.


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