The Best Moments from Chanel’s Couture Show

“And I must say,” said Karl Lagerfeld, “I love feathers!”

Lagerfeld’s couture show for Chanel embraced Spring 2017 with pastels, plumage, and fresh flowers. Take a look at the most outstanding moments from the show:

1. The Mirrored Set


The mirrored set at Chanel’s 2017 Spring Couture Show | Image: Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters 

Models walked this year’s couture show past faceted mirrors, reflective flooring, and mirrored plinths supporting vases of calla lilies. The set was inspired by the iconic mirrored staircase, connecting Coco Chanel’s apartment to the atelier, at 31 Rue Cambon. Mademoiselle Coco would sit atop the stairs and watch her first shows from the fragmented mirrors; observing her collection from every angle. At this year’s show, the hall of mirrors was a poignant reflection of Chanel’s history.

2. The Square Belt

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Square belts were prominent in the new collection. | Image: Yannis Vlamos/

A square-buckled belt adorned nearly every piece in Chanel’s Spring collection. The wide belts cinched and accentuated the careful shapes of the outfits, and nodded ever so slightly to the 1980s.

3. The Feathers

Feathers decorate a variety of pieces | Image: Yannis Vlamos/

Marabou feathering was a favourite of Lagerfeld’s this season. Plumage offered the collection’s evening wear an airy and aloof glamour, dancing wispily off sequins and chiffon.

4. Kendall and Bella

Models Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid | Image: Yannis Vlamos/

The show also featured the star power of top models Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid.

4. Spring Suits


Image: Yannis Vlamos/

For Spring, the Chanel suit was incarnated with a thick belt, light pastels, clean lines, and power suit skirts.

5. The Bride

 Image: Yannis Vlamos/

Lily Rose-Depp closed the show in bridal couture, wearing ruffled pink. The soft rose colour is a perfect shade for spring, and a fresh alternative to more traditional wedding whites.


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