Everyday Diversity: Vetements for Haute Couture Paris

Haute Couture. The words themselves illicit an aura of superiority in fashion, price tags that boast more zeroes than one could possibly imagine, and outfits that the average citizen wouldn’t dream of being able to lift off of a rack. However, Demna Gvasalia has always been a rebel in his role as a Vetements head designer, and his collection for the 2017-18 Fall/Winter season fought with tooth and nail against Paris fashion convention by showcasing what we never thought we’d see: the everyday people around us.

The Vetements line was centered upon a set of stereotyped characters that Parisians have probably all seen walk the streets at some point – the couch potato, swathed in bulky clothing that mimicked comforters and pyjamas; the punk, with a predictably unpredictable orange spiked hairstyle and bright green spray-paint getup; the moto-girl, with a helmet in hand, a disheveled scarf, and a loose trench piece.

One of the more notable characters was that of a homeless man, dressed in a wool coat fastened with a tie, scuffed sneakers, and a branded Vetements sleeping bag. There was almost a sense of irony in showcasing the clothes of the poor to some of the most affluent buyers in the market. In contrast, the show also featured a silver-haired lady in mink outerwear and leather gloves on the other extreme of the luxury spectrum. To follow through with tradition, Gvasalia’s end piece was a bridal dress that played around generously with white tulle.

Images courtesy of The Fashion Law


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