A Hero, A Villain, and Some Fast Cars

Whether it’s Johnny English’s Rolls Royce Phantom, Ethan Hunt’s BMW M3 or James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, fast cars have always been tied to our favourite espionage films. That’s why, for CAISA Fashion Show’s “Espial”, we have outfitted our leads with some slick wheels. Take a look at the cars of choice for our hero and villain!


Our hero’s car of choice is the Dodge Viper. With 645 horsepower on tap, this car would give James Bond’s Aston Martin a run for its money!


Our Villain carries out his plans in the sinister Cadillac ATS-V Coupé. Lined with edges and vicious power, this car gives our villain a perfect ground-based missile to chase after our hero. Our villain isn’t the only baddie that gets to enjoy such luxurious power, as his henchmen have at their disposal a Mercedes-AMG C63-S, the perfect car for carrying a whole team of enforcers.


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