Instagram Makeup Spotlight -Thigh Faces

Instagram is a creative platform for many aspiring makeup artists, and has seen numerous different and quirky trends crop up over the years – the 100 layers challenge, glitter freckles, lips with dripping gloss, and even unicorn inspired looks (braided horns are certainly on the wacky side). However, the most recent development in artistic cosmetics features a change in canvas; people are beginning to apply makeup to their thighs instead of their faces.

Is there a reason that Instagrammers are applying full faces to their upper thighs? Perhaps it’s a way to test out products or looks without piling all the heavy powders and creams to the sensitive surface of their faces. Some artists are going all out with matte lipsticks, faux nose contours, and dramatic eyeshadow palettes that most of us wouldn’t be able to do on our own eyelids, much less thighs.

We’re pretty puzzled as to whether this is a new intriguing beauty fad or just plain weird. If you’re interested in seeing more, just search up the hashtags #thighmakeup or #thighface on social media.

What other trends will 2017 bring?

Featured Image: @privarelaxo


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