Lady Gaga Sports Versace at Super Bowl Halftime

Lady Gaga changed the game.

On Sunday night, the singer performed her highly-anticipated halftime show for Super Bowl LI. From atop the NRG stadium in Houston, Texas, Gaga opened with a rendition of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land.” Jumping dramatically into the crowd below, Gaga touched down in custom Versace, and performed a medley of hits.

During her performance, the designs worn by Gaga were a sentimental celebration of her music and style over the past decade. In a glam-rock bodysuit and glittering mask, Gaga’s main ensemble invoked the flamboyant and avant-garde aesthetic that first trademarked Stefani Germanotta as the larger-than-life pop star “Lady Gaga.”

Since her debut, in 2008, Gaga has been capturing our attention with her ever eccentric wardrobe. She has caught eyes, and caused controversy, in the most outlandish outfits in pop culture history…(Remember the meat dress?).

With guidance from stylist and designer Brandon Maxwell, Gaga’s style has since embraced a tame and tempered minimalism; far removed from her earlier eccentricities. But for the Super Bowl Halftime, Lady Gaga seamlessly merged the pageantry of her past with subtle-but-spectacular pieces from Atelier Versace. Her key ensemble: an opal-toned bodysuit, accented with Swarovski crystal, featuring a high neckline and sculpted shoulders.


Photo: Mason Poole/

Despite its futuristic concept, the jumpsuit is perfectly reminiscent of the theatrical and show-stopping style that became synonymous with Gaga almost a decade ago.

Tell us what you thought of Lady Gaga’s Versace ensemble, and watch the full performance here:


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