Bernie Sanders Acknowledges Balenciaga

Who would have thought that Bernie would become a fashion icon in 2017? The Vermont Senator’s signature style and presidential campaign symbolism was prominent in Balenciaga’s recent menswear show in Paris (*cough*that we covered *cough*). Some looks even seemed to be riffing off of Sander’s “Kirkland Signature” look, such as this one, which heavily draws from the politician’s low-key outfits:

okay but who actually buys this stuff?

In a recent interview with CNN, Sanders was asked what his reaction to being featured in Balenciaga’s show and his new status as a fashion icon. His response? A hearty old-man chuckle, and the following statement: “”Of my many attributes, being a great dresser, a fashion maven, isn’t one of them.”

We have to wonder: is fashion feeling the Bern? Or is it just the cool art kids like Balenciaga’s Demna Gvasalia?



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