Fashion Designer Holds Show on an Airplane

Featured image from The New York Observer.

Talk about taking fashion to new heights.

Rubin Singer, a designer already known for his evening wear that has been donned by superstars like Gigi Hadid and Beyoncé, decided to make a splash in the fashion industry by making an airplane aisle his catwalk.

The aerial spectacle took place with Rubin’s team of models on a flight from Frankfurt to New York, and was composed of two runway shows and three expert talks.

Image from The New York Observer.

Frocks, pantsuits, and Lufthansa flight attendant uniforms made up the looks for this one-of-a-kind fashion show, as part of Rubin’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection (save the uniforms).

“As a designer, I’m always interested in finding new ways to present my collection,” the designer said. “Showing up in the air, over the Atlantic was truly a unique fashion moment like nothing I’ve ever done or seen.”

The experience is part of a greater initiative by Lufthansa Airlines, where passengers have the opportunity to be a part of talks and presentations in the air.


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  1. Twinkle Gupta says:

    Amazing concept

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