As Seen on TV: Politics, Religion, and Celebrity Culture? Jeremy Scott takes NYFW 2017

There is no doubt that there has been a recent surge in the role of the politics in fashion, but it has never been more evident after this year’s election. On February 10th at New York Fashion Week, Jeremy Scott openly mocked the US President and America’s celebrity culture through a collection sporting slogans such as “as seen on TV,” and “our voice is the only thing that will protect us.” Scott has openly discussed the political message in his clothing before, and is no stranger to promoting standing up for what he believes in.



While keeping to his roots of being fun, quirky, and colourful, Scott integrated his love for all things bright with frilled sequin trousers, studded leather jackets, pop-art inspired lunch box accessories, and cartoon pigs with the statement “Jesus loves me.” The implementation of a religious figure into his catwalk was to highlight how we level religious figures and celebrities on a similar playing field. In an interview with NPR, Scott says, “I’ve been thinking a lot about how we worship celebrity, and how we have Elvis and Marilyn Monroe and Jesus all on the same playing field. That is really the same situation what’s happened to our politics, that we have elected a celebrity.”

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As said before, Scott keeps his political views as no secret. Hoping to inspire those that look up to him, Jeremy wants everyone to come together, use their rights, and demand to be heard.

Featured Image by Randy Brooke/WireImages


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