Grammys 2017: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Who doesn’t love awards show roundups? Some outfits are dazzling, unique, and cause heads to turn in awe on the red carpet. Others are slightly more questionable, and turn heads for the wrong reasons.  Here are some notable looks that made our list.

The Good



Adele stepped onto the red carpet in a green Givenchy dress that featured checkerboard patterns and a plissé skirt. The gown was inspired by haute couture trends, and the military green is both a feminine and powerful colour that reflects Adele’s music.

Lady Gaga


With a dark metallica ensemble, Gaga wanted to make a statement in response to the body-shaming that occurred following her Superbowl Half-Time performance a week earlier. Her outfit is risque and bold in typical Gaga style, with towering heels and a textured bolero top.

Chance the Rapper


Chance looks adorable and polished in a Thom Browne grey boxy jacket with slim pants, paired with his signature “3” New Era hat. He also made musical history by becoming the first Grammy winner who doesn’t physically sell copies of his music, and still remains unsigned to a record label.

Beyoncé Knowles


A symbol of feminist influence and raw beauty, Beyonce took our breaths away with a custom golden Peter Dundas piece for her performance. The dress took 50 people a week to embroider, and showed off her baby bump with pride. Complete with a golden crown, Queen Bey truly looked regal on the stage.

The Bad

Twenty-One Pilots


We’re not too surprised to see a lack of pants at the Grammys, and it definitely isn’t flattering. However, the backstory is quite interesting – they were watching the Grammys in their underwear and vowed that if they ever won, they would go on stage in their boxers. Congratulations, but please bring the pants back!

Rose McGowan

rose mcgowan.jpg

Rose made history with her iconic 1998 VMA’s sheer dress, but her current attempt at being edgy fell a little flat. The top was a little too chaotic, and even looked a little dangerous with its arrangement of spikes.



Santigold is known for outfits that are more on the odd and unique side, but her Grammys Gucci schoolgirl dress is just a tad too pink, and clashes with her heels. The dragon also seems quite out of place.

The Ugly

Joy Villa


Political statement aside, this dress simply isn’t great. Text usually looks tacky on fabric, and ruins the entire look overall. She originally showed up in a long white gown that was much more elegant, but when she took it off, she earned her spot on this list.

Girl Crush


Ball pit or gumball machine? If Girl Crush was looking to make a strong impression, she certainly did, as the Internet blew up in response to her outfit. If you’re brave enough, the Grammys can be an opportunity to get your name out there (although not necessarily for the best reasons).

CeeLo Green


Regarded by some as a “mix of the Tin Man and a Ferrero Rocher,” CeeLo’s getup was simply confusing and had too much flare. We’re not exactly sure what his inspiration was for this look, but it’s probably for the best that he doesn’t go back to it in the future.



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