The Brands You’re Mispronouncing

We all make mistakes. Turns out, your biggest fashion faux pas might actually be how you pronounce your favourite brands. At first blush, it could seem pretentious to place any importance on how you say the name of a luxury fashion brand. But the truth is, these labels are the namesakes of real people and cultures. So let’s pay our respects with a quick linguistics lesson in fashion.

Pronounced: Dzah-dah 

That’s right. All this time, you thought the pronunciation debate was over “Zair-ah” or “Zahr-ah.” It’s neither. Truth is, there’s absolutely no “r” sound in the name.

Pronounced: Air-mez

Christian Louboutin
Pronounced: Kris-chee-yan Lou-bou-tawn

Pronounced: Mos-key-no

Pronounced: Ak-nay

It’s a fashion brand, not a skin condition.

Pronounced: Mar-kay-za

Elie Saab
Pronounced: Ee-lee Saw-b

Pronounced: Vair-sah-chay

Pronounced: AAH-dee-das

Adidas is German, named for its founder Adi Dassler. Many people incorrectly call it “uh-DEED-as.” But when pronouncing “Adidas,” you should emphasize the long “a” sound and not the “dee.” Like this.

Pronounced: Low-ee-vay

Pronounced: Zjee-von-shee

Proenza Schouler
Pronounced: Pro-en-zuh Skool-er

Pronounced: Bull-ghar-ee

As if the Romanesque “U”-as-a-“V” wasn’t enough to throw you off.

Pronounced: Lahn-vahn (ending with a soft ‘n’)

Pronounced: Ball-mon (ending with a soft ‘n’)

Louis Vuitton
Pronounced: Loo-wee Vwee-tawn (remember…soft ‘n’)

Prabal Gurung
Pronounced: Prah-bull Goo-rong 

Think of it like this: Prabal rhymes with bubble.

Have anything to add to our list? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image from Huffington Post.


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