A Beauty Expert Gives Us Her Secret to Conquering False Lashes

We sat down with Linda Dai from BLK Lash, who offers Ultra Luxe 3D Mink Lashes that are cruelty-free, can be worn 25+ times, and feature a comfortable cotton band, to give us her advice on how to rock false lashes like a beauty pro.

Interested in buying some? Enter the promo code “CAISAFS” at check out and $5 from your purchase will be donated to the Children’s Health Foundation. Or visit the BLK Lash booth day of the show and $5 from your lash purchase will be going towards the Children’s Health Foundation as well. CAISA’s head makeup artist will be there to apply lashes purchased during intermission.

BLK Lashes as seen on top row (left to right): @makeupbyshko, @jackierosemakeup, @queen_tran, @mingusta
Bottom row (left to right): @pelinyc, @sudealkanx, @postgorgeous, @pelinyc

What’s the biggest mistake people make when applying lashes?

Everyone’s eyes are a different length, but you’ll notice there isn’t sizing for falsies lashes. When you get a new pair of lashes, the first thing you want to do is measure against your own eye and trim, if necessary. The right fit will compliment your features and will ensure that you are comfortable when wearing them. When doing this, always trim from the outer corner and in small increments.

What should people look for when buying false lashes?

BLK Lash offers Ultra Luxe 3D Mink Lashes which means we focus on 3 things (which you should look for when buying any lash!):
1) Comfort
2) Style
3) Durability

Comfort: False lashes will instantly glam your look, but you want to ensure it doesn’t compromise comfort. The material of the lash matters when it comes to how heavy a lash will feel on the eyes and pay attention to what the lash band is made from. Our lashes are made from cruelty-free Siberian Mink, which are the lightest fibers available and our band is made from 100% cotton. We have sensitive eyes so we created a product that puts comfort first! If you don’t believe us, just ask figure skaters from the Canadian National Team who wear our lashes to compete.

National Skating Champions Larkyn Austman (left) and Michelle Long (right) seen wearing BLK Lashes (@_seanmckinnon_)

Durability: Not all lashes are built the same. Look for quality lashes that you can wear over and over again. In our experience, the price of lashes tends to reflect quality. To get the most out of any lash, be sure you’re removing lashes carefully and that you store it in its case. As a general guide most synthetic lashes can be worn up to 5 times, however, BLK mink lashes can be worn up to 25+ times! That’s less than $2.00/wear!

Lash cases are provided for proper care

Style: There is a style for everyone and every occasion. It’s often difficult to tell which style will look good on you so our pro tip is to turn the lash tray around to see what the lashes will look like on. BLK Lash offers 7 styles so know you’ll love at least one (or 7)!


1. Butterfly Effect 2. BFF 3. Empress Me 4. Heart of Gold 5. POW WOW 6. So Sweet 7. Whispy Me Away

What is your favourite mascara to pair with your falsies?

With our lashes, the great news is you don’t need mascara with mink lashes! If you love mascara, we recommend using something natural that lengthens and applying it before your lashes. Never apply mascara onto mink lashes as it’ll damage the lash.

What are some tips you have for people intimidated by falsies?

Give it a try! With most things in life, trying something new (remember when you first put on eyeliner?) was daunting, but with a little practice, you can incorporate falsies easily into your routine! It takes us less than a few minutes to put both sides on, which is a lot faster than curling eyelashes, mascara base, mascara, eyeliner, curling eyelashes again.

Wearing falsies to the grocery store – yes or no?

If that’s your thing – you do you! Besides, I guess it depends on if you’re going to the store to pick up chips along the way to a party or if you’re going the morning after a party. Either way, we don’t judge. There isn’t a right or wrong time to wear falsies as long as you feel great!

Famous TV Personality Jesse Cruickshank seen wearing BLK Lashes

Featured image: provided by BLK Lash
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