A Look Back at Last Year’s Show

CAISA Fashion Show (CFS) is frequently referred to as “more than a fashion show,” but what does that really mean? The term fashion show elicits an image of a low-energy runway with quiet background music playing as models walk the floor in front of an audience. This couldn’t be further from what CFS puts on every year with it’s production. Rather than simply presenting a collection of clothing, CFS splits up its show into different categories of dress (from casual wear to lingerie), and works these “scenes” into a greater theatrical narrative. Don’t just expect a runway. Expect a massive synchronized dance routine, thrilling character action, an emotional, impactful soundtrack, meaningful stage design, and amazing performances. Truly, CFS is a fashion show of a different caliber than what one might expect.

So, with the Espial soon on the horizon, we thought it’d be appropriate to give a short retrospective of CFS’s PARAGON, our performance from last year.

Themed around dystopian science fiction, PARAGON followed the story of a hero as she fought to build a resistance against a totalitarian dictator. Each clothing scene was split into a different part of the hero’s story as she gathered supporters to overthrow her nemesis, from casual wear presenting the audience with a scene of what this dystopian society looked like, to lingerie preforming as the evil henchmen of dictator. To get a better understanding of what PARAGON looked like, check out our official after-movie here!

With Espial this year, we’re looking to outdo ourselves and make this year’s show the best yet. While we’ve moved away from Dystopian Sci-fi, get ready for a story of… mystery. We’re not spoiling anything! See you at the show!


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