A look inside our Executives ft. Social Science Faculty

Western University’s Social Science Faculty offers a variety of challenging and exceptional programs. The faculty consistently ranks among the top 100 Social Science Faculties in the world for research influence and reputation. Here are a couple of our executives enrolled in Social Science programs and how their experiences in the faculty and CAISA Fashion Show has shaped them.


Roy Fu

What is your position on CAISA Fashion Show? During my first year on CAISA Fashion Show, my position was that of a marketing manager, and during my second year on the show, my position was clothing manager.

What program are you in? I am currently enrolled in the Business Management & Organizational Studies program with a honors specialization in accounting.

 What year are you in? I am in my third year, and entering my fourth this coming September. 

Why did you choose your program? I chose my specific program because of my passion and interest for the business field. By enrolling in the program, I knew I would be getting the prestigious education that many successful individuals also received.

How do you think your program has helped you as your position in CAISA Fashion Show? I believe that my program has helped me with my position on CAISA Fashion Show because of the skills and knowledge I learned throughout my three years with the program. From everyday social skills to technical accounting skills, BMOS program has prepared me very well to tackle all the hurdles that may occur during my time on and off CAISA Fashion Show.


Erin Yeung

What is your position on CAISA Fashion Show? Executive Assistant

What program are you in? Bachelors of Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS)

What year are you in? Second year

Why did you choose your program? I chose this program because I have an interest in business and would like to eventually pursue a career in this industry.

How do you think your program has helped you as your position in CAISA Fashion Show? My program gave me the foundation to learn organizational tools such as Microsoft Excel. This was vital in being able to stay on top of administrative duties. Also being in a business program, you learn a lot about being professional and that kept me grounded throughout my experience. It taught me the importance of email etiquette, how to interact with peers, and create the best version of ourselves as we do support Children’s Health Foundation.


Rosie Fan

Position: Last year’s Clothing Director (2016-17)

Program: BMOS Finance

Year: Just finished 2nd year in BMOS

Why did you choose your program?  I chose my program because I felt like it’d be able to offer a comprehensive and well-rounded education in business management. I liked that even though I’m able to choose a specialization and take more detailed courses later on, that I got a lot of freedom in courses and electives in 1st and 2nd year. Because the introductory MOS courses didn’t completely fill up my schedule, I took a lot of electives in areas still in Social Science that weren’t MOS but that I really really enjoyed regardless.
How do you think your program has helped you as your position in CAISA Fashion Show? I think there’s a certain work ethic and dedication associated with keeping up with the MOS program, and MOS and business-minded community in general that you develop that helped drive everything I did in CFS. It allowed me to manage my time and work more effectively and see the big picture, which I found was particularly helpful for my CFS director position since you lead a department and have to focus more on the overall vision. It also helped me in the more business and admin-related tasks in my department as well, like sponsorships and budgeting.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 10.59.09 PM

Russell Christmas 

What is your position at CFS? Public Relations Manager

What program are you in? Political Science

What year are you in? I graduated in 2017.

Why did you choose your program? All throughout high school I was interested in politics, history, and media. As an interdisciplinary field, Political Science allowed me to explore my interests without feeling like I was limiting myself to one subject. I am also motivated to be absolutely intolerable at parties, and with the knowledge of politics and society that Western’s program has given me I now have the ability to be unwarrantedly smug and incendiary whenever my friends talk about politics!

How do you think your program has helped you in your position in CFS? In public relations, CFS executives are responsible to be the public face of our organization. The practice with professional writing that I as a political science student received from the innumerable essays in my program certainly helped with writing copy and digital content for our social media accounts, but the knowledge of how public perception operates to impact the success of organizations that I gained from political science was the greatest benefit to my work in CFS’s PR division.


Thank you Social Science Student Council for your generosity in supporting CAISA Fashion Show and the Children’s Health Foundation!

For more information, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/ssscwestern/ or http://www.ssc.uwo.ca/


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