Why CFS? 5 Reasons Why You Should Apply

CAISA Fashion Show is an annual charity fashion show run by students here at Western. Each year, the show attracts an audience of over 1300 to raise money in support of the Children’s Health Foundation, and in the last 16 years, CFS has donated over $265,000 to the organization. With a team of over 60 executive members dedicating countless hours into the production, CFS is one of the largest student-run charity fashion shows in Canada. If this doesn’t make you want to fill out an application ASAP, here are just 5 more out of the countless reasons why you should take 5 minutes to apply to CFS this year.

1. A great experience
Not only is CAISA Fashion Show a great performance to watch, it would be even more rewarding to know you dedicated countless hours into producing such a great show and seeing it all come together on stage. From launch party to fitness bootcamps, CFS also hosts a variety of events throughout the year in collaboration with our sponsors that will guarantee a fun time!


2. For charity!
For the past 16 years, CFS has raised over $265,000 for the Children’s Health Foundation, having supported initiatives such as concussion and brain trauma research, personalized medicine, and stem cell research. If you’re passionate about philanthropy and want to help raise funds for innovative medical research to save and improve children’s lives, CFS is where you belong!


3. Lifelong friendships
cfs formal.jpg
With over 100 executive members and models, you’re bound to find like-minded people with similar interests. Soon you’ll go from sitting in meetings together to grabbing ice cream and spending weekends together!

4. More than just a fashion show
If the thought of emotionless models walking up and down a runway is what comes to mind when you hear the words “fashion show”, you’ll be glad to know that CFS is not your ordinary fashion show. Our performances incorporates music, dance, theatrics, and stunts to narrate a compelling story that draws in an audience of over 1300 every year.

5. #oneteamonedream
As cheesy as it may sound, CFS is family. There’s nothing more motivating than surrounding yourself with over a hundred like-minded people working towards the same goal. If you’re looking for positive energy and a supportive environment, CFS is the place to be!


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