4 Times Urban Outfitters Redefined Mainstream Fashion

Urban Outfitters is one of the most popular clothing stores of our generation. They’re known for their wide variety of pieces where everybody from the preppy to the rock-chic fashionable can find a new “it” piece addition to their wardrobe. But oftentimes we find ourselves browsing their website, or strolling through their stores, and doing a double take at a very notable piece. Here are 4 pieces by the company that stretches the boundaries of mainstream fashion.

1. Thing RoyIn Puffer Beanie 

Messages Image(1842611141)

Retailing at $58 (and also offered in lime green!) is this a “beanie” or an alien communication device?

2. UO Hooded Long Faux Fur Coat

Messages Image(1090998602)

You could own this faux fur coat for $199! Can someone call Macklemore to take back his ‘Thrift Shop’ jacket?

3. MadeMe Contrast Stitch Patent Overall 

 Messages Image(991537316).png

Looking very similar to the firefighter costume I saw many kids rocking during my elementary school halloween days. You can own it too for just $250.

4. CS Straight-Leg Ruffle Pant 

 Messages Image(483741993)

$99, and you can own Nemo’s home sewn onto some nice coral pants!

UO always has some interesting pieces that are definitely amusing to look out for when shopping!



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