Calling all fashion-obsessed Mustangs!

Are you interested in being featured on our Instagram, Blog, and Twitter for hundreds and thousands of influencers to see?

Want your social media accounts to get more exposure with the help of us?

Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Dress to impress in an outfit that represents your unique style.
  2. Have someone take a series of photos of your #ootd (preferably against a plain background).
  3. Post your photo on IG with the hashtags #cfsootd or #cfsstreetstyle, be sure to tag us, and make sure your profile is public.
  4. Remember, you must be following us on our IG account, @caisafs, and if you want, like us on Facebook too!
  5. Wait to see your photo featured on our Instagram account, alongside hundreds of adoring comments.

Can’t wait to be blessed with amazing #ootds every week 😀

Featured image from IG @caisafs


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