You Could be #Spotted Next

Some people dedicate their lives to a modelling career but for many in the industry, it was not on their itinerary until the unexpected happened. Here are 4 of my favourite scouting stories to date:

The Supermarket  “Check Out”


The work of South Sudanese fashion model Alek Wek can only be called iconic since her debut in 1995. She was discovered by a Models 1 scout in London, England while shopping at the Crystal Palace Food Market. From there she scored a role in a Tina Turner music video for “GoldenEye” and the rest was history.

All I’m saying is watch out next time you’re in Loblaws and make sure you are #stunting.

Ready for my close up!


Cindy Crawford is a name synonymous with supermodel. Her career as a model began when she was 16 years old and a local college newspaper photographer asked to take her picture. The praise for the photo gave her the confidence to go to Chicago where she would eventually land a gig with Elite Model Management.

Moral of the story, maybe a fierce photo in The Gazette or The London Free Press should be on your to do list?

“Can I get your number with that?”


Andreja Pejić is a revolutionary no less as the first transgender model to ever be profiled in Vogue as well as recently, the first to sign with Ford Modelling Agency. While living in Australia as a child, she was discovered flipping burgers and taking orders at a local McDonald’s. Her career is not the only one to have begun due to one trip to the fast-food giant, others include Gisele Bündchen, Christopher Kellie and Anna Selezneva.

Remember the McDonald’s at Oxford St. and Wharncliffe Rd. is open 24 hours!



Coder, former Victoria’s Secret Angel, Taylor Swift’s squad member Karlie Kloss is what I like to call #GOALS. Karlie has graced billboards with Swarovski, Dior and Juicy Couture. Her story began from humble beginnings as a model in a mall charity fashion show in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.

Are you rethinking your application to model for CFS right now? Cause I am!

Cover photos courtesy of Dazed, Rhapsody, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle UK. 


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