How to Dress for this Fall-Winter: 2017/2018 Trend Predictions

As we begin to enter the halfway point of Fall and the start of Winter (especially here in Canada), it’s time for another shift in our closets! Here are some of our top trend predictions for the upcoming fashion season:

Camo’s Comeback

It can’t only be us who’s noticed camo everywhere this season. Racks are lined with the pattern on jackets, skirts, pants, socks, and everything in-between – but we’re not complaining! The dark hues compliment the feeling of Fall and look good on basically everybody, so we definitely love this trend. Pair it with black denim for a street style feel or dress it up with a leather jacket.


Vintage Denim

Vintage denim is coming in hot this season. Denim coats, frayed denim, and washout out tops provide an interesting texture to needed basic pieces you may already have in your closet. Pro-tip: while denim can be expensive, try thrifting or going to vintage stores for cheaper, and equally amazing finds!


A Hint of Street Style: Graphic Tees

Graphic tees have been a classic closet combo (say that three times in a row), but you can’t deny they’ve exploded this past year. We think we’ll see a combo of graphic symbols on more distressed tees, denim cuts, and other athleisure trends. Pair a graphic tee with culottes for a casual, put together look, or spice things up with some frayed denim cutoffs.  


Oversized Straight Cut Sweaters

Comfy? Warm? Stylish? Oversized sweaters are here for you (and here to stay). These sweaters are perfect for exam season, or even cropping them for a more street style look. We think that pale, warm oranges, and cool tone greens will be in style this Fall-Winter, and that boxy fits will be on racks.


Sock Boots and Statement Block-Heels

To our delight, sock boots are here to stay! The perfect Fall and Winter shoe, we think that sock boots will get a major design revamp and there will be a focus on funkier, brighter prints with contrasting block heels. While black is always a classic (and a favourite), statement sock boots will be hitting the streets this season, and we can’t wait.


Now as we always say, wear what you want & do what you love – these trends are always just suggestions and never be afraid to be unique :). As well, many of these trends can be paired together – so don’t be afraid to mix and match. Be sure to get your Fall fashion in soon though, as there’s only a couple more weeks until below zero weather kicks in!


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