How To Defend Your Skin Against the Elements This Winter

Now that Halloween has come and past, we can’t be in denial anymore: winter is coming.


Just as you’re changing up your wardrobe to prepare for the changing weathers, it is important to update your skin care routine as well to protect your skin against the elements. Try making some of the following small changes to your skincare routine to protect your skin in the colder, drier, harsher months ahead.

1. Ditch the soap.

Fragrant, soapy gel scrubs and cleansers that left your skin feeling squeaky clean may have felt wonderful in the summer, but it often leaves your skin feeling tight and dry in the colder months. Try switch to a creamy body wash and gentle facial cleanser to clean your skin without stripping it of its natural oils.



2. Exfoliate, but don’t aggravate.

Summer damage could have left dead cell buildup on your skin which, when combined with drier airs, may lead to dry, flaky skin. Try exfoliating once or twice a week with oil-based scrubs, which are wonderful because they exfoliate and hydrate. This will remove dead skin cells and prevent dry, itchy patches before they happen.



3. Watch that water temperature!

A long, hot shower can feel divine on a cold, chilly day, but it can actually wreak havoc on your skin, stripping away its natural oils and leaving behind dry, scaly skin. To avoid this, lower the temperature from hot to war and try to keep your bath or shower short. This is especially important if you wash your face in the shower! Remeber to turn down the temperature a bit before exposing the delicate skin on your face to the water. Your skin will definitely thank you later!



4. Switch from lotions to creams.

As the air becomes drier, your skin needs a thicker moisturizer. Creams provide a stronger oily barrier, allowing it to provide hydration and reduce water loss from your skin at the same time!

nivea creme


5. Protect dem lips.

Start moisturizing now to prevent dry, cracked lips this winter. Use a non-petroleum based lip balm for best results.

EOS lip balm


6. Say Yes to Hand Crème & Cuticle Oil

Hands often become dry and cracked during fall and winter. Keeping your hands and nails soft and supple in the colder months can make a huge difference for your comfort and their appearance. An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure, so start moisturizing your hands now to have soft, supple hands all winter long.



7. Don’t Skip SPF

Sun protection is a year-round endeavor. Although the days are shorter and the sun’s rays are less intense, you shouldn’t skip sunscreen in the fall. Make sure to cover your face, neck, hands, and any other exposed areas with at least SPF 15 to prevent UV damage. Remember, sun damage can happen even when there’s cloud cover!

Awwwwwww yeah!


Happy November everyone!



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