For $100,000, You Could Sit on a Louis Vuitton Toilet

You read that title correctly. There is now a Louis Vuitton Toilet for sale, asking a lofty price of $100,000. Now while that might seem insane, this is not actually a product designed by LV, but rather an art piece created by artist Illma Gore, who is well known for some provocative art pieces. According to vogue, she is the artist behind the famous nude Donald Trump portrait.

Created from around 24 luxury Louis Vuitton bags, Gore gathered these items from numerous luxury resale sites and stores to create this physical piece of art. Total items averaged around $15,000. Including the artistry, skill, and time that went into this toilet, you can understand why it is now being sold for $100,000.

But “tacky” luxury logo branded items are not new to the scene. If you recall, Supreme once released a branded brick for $30. It was being sold on E-Bay for $1000 a while later. You can also buy Gucci branded toilet paper on Etsy for around $1000 Canadian. Artists love to poke fun at how much we tend to pay for branded items, and honestly, who can blame them?

Just an FYI: the toilet hasn’t been used yet, and while we aren’t sure if it’s actually functional, we can’t deny that it would make an incredible housewarming gift.

We can’t wait to see the lucky buyer of this incredibly unique and one of a kind item.  

Cover photo courtesy of Vogue and Illma Gore / @illagore


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