3 Minimalist Outfit Ideas Perfect for Cold Weather

As the temperature drops, we wrap up in more and more layers to keep warm while going about our daily lives on campus. My personal struggle with staying warm is very real, and I oftentimes find it difficult to walk the fine line between layering and looking like a burrito.

Come at me, bitter cold!

If you have the same struggle, fear not! Here are some simple outfit ideas perfect for keeping warm while looking simple and effortlessly chic in the cooler weather.


Look One


The combination of black jeans, ankle boots, a black jacket and a white turtleneck sweater strike the perfect balance between warmth and style.


Look Two


Elin Klin looks incredibly comfy here in a chunky sweater, plaid shirt, perfectly faded black jeans, a pea coat, and a pair of worn Converse (I wish I could look this hip and laidback all the time). Layering oversized sweaters over collared shirts is a foolproof way of staying warm in style.


Look Three


This layered look is the layered look to end all layered looks. The coat + leather jacket + layered monochromatic separates combination is fantastic. So much is going on at once, but it all fits together. When planning your own layered outfits, don’t be afraid to mix different shades, textures, cuts and fits within your outfits. Who knows, slim fit turtlenecks + wide legged pants may become your next favourite go-to look.

Happy layering!




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