Who is Cara Delevingne?

Cara Delevingne is one of the most recognisable faces in fashion.

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Cara Delevingne

Every generation has its era-defining supermodel, Twiggy in the 60s, Cindy Crawford in the 80s, Kate Moss in the 90s and now Cara Delevingne.

With prior show appearances for houses including Burberry, Channel and Dolce & Gabbana, it’s no surprise she became “Model of the Year” at such an early age.

But despite her global success, Cara took a step back from modelling in 2015, to branch out into the acting world. Since then, we have seen the model spread her infectious personality to the big screen, with Suicide Squad and Paper Towns.

Cara in Suicide Squad

More recently, she’s even released her own novel, Miror, Miror, a young coming of age teen fiction novel.

Cara and her new book Mirror, Mirror

We take a look at her background, and how she became Fashion’s It Girl:

A young Cara

Daughter of Pandora Anne Delevingne and property developer Charles Hamar Delevinge. Cara had a relatively wealthy upbringing, growing up in Belgravia, London, one of the richest districts in the world. She has two older sisters, Chloe and Poppy Delevingne, the latter a globally renowned model, which Cara garnered much of her early inspiration.

Cara and her sister Poppy

At the age of 17, Cara signed with Storm Model Management, one of the most prestigious international agencies in the world.

Her breakthrough came in 2011, with Cara’s first catwalk appearance coming for Burberry’s 2012 Prorsum autumn/winter collection at London Fashion Week.

It all took off from there….

Cara walking various fashion shows

In 2012, Cara went on to walk over 50 shows, a work rate rarely matched by other models, for the likes of Stella McCartney, Nina Ricci, Jason Wu and Louis Vuitton. She went on to find a great supporter and mentor in the influential Karl Lagerfield, describing Cara as, “different’ and “full of life”.

Cara would culminate the year appearing in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, featuring in Justin Bieber’s performance of “Beauty And A Beat”.

Cara at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The coming years would see Cara continue to dominate the fashion world, going onto win the “Model of the Year” award at the British Fashion Awards in 2012 and 2014.

In June 2015, it was revealed that Cara had cut ties with her agency, as she was subsequently removed from Storm Model Management’s website.  Cara documents how she lost sight of herself and “what it meant to be happy”.

“Over time, I came to realise that work and getting others’ approval isn’t the most important thing,”.

But that wouldn’t be the end of Cara, just a pathway to a new destination…

Her Hollywood breakthrough came in Jake Schreier’s Paper Towns, as the female protagonist, Margo Roth Spiegelman. With commentators applauding her performance  and calling her “the real find of the film”.

Cara publicising Paper Towns

With additional roles in Suicide Squad, as Enchantress, and Laureline in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, it’s true to say Cara has made a successful transition from model to global superstar.

But she didn’t stop there, appearing in an acoustic duet cover with Will Heard and more recently starring in a soundtrack, produced by Pharrell Williams for the film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

She’s also designed two fashion collections for DKNY and Mulberry and even debuted as a novelist for young adult fiction book Mirror, Mirror.


*Photos courtesy of The Independent, StyleCaster, Digital Spy, MISSBISH, Pintrest, Magazine Photoshoot and El Intra

*Videos courtesy of YouTube


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