How to style: Modern Trousers

Colder weather in Canada means that it’s time to bring out our best pair of trousers. We love leggings and denim as much as the next person, but adding trousers to your closets can give some variety on the day-to-day. Unfortunately, trousers can be hard to style and pair with some of your favourite tops and accessories, so we created this guide for different occasions! Of course, none of these style tips are hard rules, but rather to spark some inspiration :).


Trousers are great for interviews, coffee chats, or any informal (and formal) business/career related event. Single colour trousers or a simple two-toned pattern are usually best, paired with a contrasting tighter fitted top, or with a tucked in camisole! Trousers with a tie-up accessory are also a nice way to add something extra to your outfit. Pair with strapped heels or mules, and a mid length blazer or coat, for a put together, casual look.

Blogger Chic

A great way to make trousers more chic is to pair it with a crop top. As most trousers are already high waisted, a tighter fitting crop top is a perfect compliment to the looser pant. Pair with your favourite boot, or even a pair of slides for that ultimate blogger feel.

Every-Day Casual

Trousers are perfect for dressing down. Pair with contrasting (often white) sneakers or runners for that “every-day” vibe. A simple graphic tee can go a long way, or even an oversized sweater to accommodate the colder weather approaching. Don’t be afraid to add a cardigan or duster coat to drive home the casual feel!

Colour Pop

Trousers are also a great way to get creative. There are so many patterns, colours, and styles out there, you can create any outfit. When it comes to colour matching, a good rule of thumb is to have a muted colour on top to bring attention to your trousers, or to have matching colours to look like a set. Feel free to get creative (and buy a pair in more than one colour for all your fashion needs).


Lastly, the hype-bae trousers. These are a bit different, as you can’t really wear them to biz-casual events, but are great for the new hip, street style trend we are seeing. Camo patterns are a great way to go, and these trousers are often loose or oversized with a cinched waist. Two-toned trousers are a great way to go, and pairing them with sneakers, (and maybe even some fishnets) is a must. Don’t forget your branded clothing!

With Black Friday coming up, this may be the perfect time for you to buy some new trousers and try out these styling tips! Some of our favourite places to purchase trousers are Zara, H&M, Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters, and even Forever 21 (they have some great steals on sale). Happy shopping!


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