Tip and Tricks: Prepping and Surviving Black Friday

Black Friday (Nov. 24) is coming up right around the corner, and to my fellow shopaholics, it’s probably one of the best days of the holiday season. First of all, it’s a sign that Christmas is almost here (t-minus 1 month!), and it’s also the perfect time to treat yourself before finals take over! But, it’s definitely not a typical day at the mall – it can get pretty hectic! Here are some tips and tricks to help you survive and get the most out of this Black Friday.


Start looking at deals NOW: Many stores will announce prior to Black Friday, what deals they’ll be offering the day of, so you can browse through your favourite stores’ websites ahead of time and avoid sifting through every item to see what catches your eye!

Know where to spend your (hard-earned) money: If you’re thinking about getting something like electronics this Black Friday, it would be smart to see which stores are selling your desired item, and which one is offering the best deal!

Use this as an opportunity to begin your Christmas shopping: Christmas is a month away, and that means it’s time to start getting gifts for your loved ones. We all know that this can sometimes put a strain on our wallets, so this is the perfect chance to get your gifts while they’re discounted!

And finally, the tip I live by…

CYBER MONDAY: Same deals, same items, BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR HOUSE! Now that’s how I like to shop, but if you enjoy the thrill of the chaos, I see how going yourself is a lot more fun!


Fun Fact: Black Friday in America attracts more people than Disneyland. On average, Disneyland has up to 18.5 million visitors annually, but on Black Friday, Walmart alone can reach up to 22 million shoppers across their stores!



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