Our Favourite Street Style Accounts

Street style fashion has become a whole other (expensive) world. It’s hard to keep up with trends in the street style world: new brands popping up everyday, established luxury brands releasing new collections, and the rise of luxury vintage. However, we’ve compiled some of our favourite Influencer accounts to give some inspiration – let us know what you think!


Curated by @highsnobiety and more of a collection of street style posts, this account is perfect to find a variety of Influencers from big to small. Use the #HSStyle to have a chance at being featured on their account!


More of a “preppy” take to street style, Elyanna takes it to a whole new level of artistry.


An art director at Dior, we’re not surprised by the unique posts Edmond has on his account. Check out his account for some of his work!


Contrary to his Instagram handle, Lavion can style. We appreciate the “cleaner” approach he takes, as you don’t often see that in the street style world!


Model and a stylist, Aleali shows us why she’s a double threat in every post.

What are your favourite street style accounts? Don’t forget to use #cfsstreetstyle to have your picture featured on our Instagram @caisafs!


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